Wales Netball’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to take place at 10.30am on Saturday 27 June. The AGM will be held digitally via the Zoom web-conferencing app. Please see below for all information relating to this year’s AGM.


Wales Netball members who wish to attend the AGM may do so by registering online via an online form. This form can be accessed by clicking the red button below. The deadline for registrations is 5pm on Wednesday 24 June. Those who have registered successfully will receive an invitation to the AGM held via the Zoom video conferencing platform in advance of the AGM itself.

Proxy Voting and Board Nomination Information:

Those who are unable to attend will be able to nominate a proxy to cast a vote on their behalf at the AGM. To do so, please download the proxy voting form via the button below and return it to no later than 5pm on Wednesday 24 June 2020.

There are two positions up for election at this year’s AGM, the nominees and their CVs can be seen below by clicking the red button.


  1. Cath Hares

Vice-President (Non-Voting)

  1. Jean Foster
  2. Wendy Pressdee

Agenda and Relevant Documentation:

The agenda for the 2020 AGM can be downloaded via the button below. Information relating to agenda items can also be downloaded below.

Agenda, proposed amendments and registration information was made available on 28 May 2020 following the publication of the proxy voting form and nominee information which was published on 27 May 2020.