Back in September 2015, Bangor University launched a new
‘recreational’ Netball session for students who did not make or want to play in
the University Squad, which has been a massive hit amongst students.

At the start of every academic year Bangor University hold
trials for students looking to become a part of the Netball Squad. Large
numbers of student’s turn-up to trials, and a small number of them make it in
to a University team. Iona Williams, Sports Development Manager at Bangor, was
aware that there were a lot of students who do not make it in to a team, and
therefore had no avenue to pursue the sport. “Campus Netball” was created in
order for students to play Netball in a social setting, without the competitive

Campus Netball offered something for students who didn’t
want to commit to a team and weekly fixtures, who just wanted to play for fun
with their friends. Iona Williams stated “It’s great to offer something for
everyone, not just the sporty students who want to play competitively every week.
Through this project we have seen an additional 25 students, as well as
university squads, playing Netball on a regular basis”

The sessions have been organised and delivered by a student
Netball Co-ordinator, Ellen Coulson. As an incentive Ellen was offered £500 in
order to get more students playing Netball. Ellen was responsible for marketing
the sessions, as well as co-ordinating umpires and volunteers. Ellen is a
nursing student who has enjoyed the experience, “I have enjoyed this experience
and learned some valuable skills that will stand me in good stead with future

Sessions are free for students to attend, which makes
Netball an accessible and attractive sport for University students.

The Campus Netball programme will continue next year, and
will continue to grow numbers of students playing Netball, giving them the
opportunity to play in a fun and social environment.

For more information about Campus Netball, please contact
Iona Williams, Sport Development Manager: