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Regional Academy Fees



Regional Academy athletes pay a fee upon successful selection each year. The fee allows us to deliver the programme and ensures that all athletes in our Regional Academies are having the best experience possible.

The fees we charge do not cover all the costs associated with running the Regional Academy, but they do go some way to helping us deliver a high-quality programme for our athletes. The Regional Academy fee will contribute to the following this season:

    • Supporting Regional Academy growth – rather than one combined session of 1.5hr duration for U15 &U17s per week, each age group (U15 & U17) will now have a separate 1.5hour training session each week
    • 5 hour weekly high – performance netball skills training from September 2023 to July 2024 (35 weeks total)
    • Access to a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) Programme to support the athlete’s development
    • Access to the TeamBuildr App (to support the S&C programme)
    • Virtual workshop delivery by our Performance Pathway Sports Science and Medicine Team (i.e., workshops on Nutrition/ S&C & Wellbeing)
    • Training Games against other Regional Academies across Wales (a minimum of 5 x training matches per season)
    • Entry into our annual Inter- Regional Academy Tournament
    • A curtain raiser event for Regional Academies that qualify for the Inter Regional Academy Tournament Finals
    • Individual Performance Plans (IPPs) mapping the athletes progress and goals for the season
    • Individual meetings with Regional Academy Coaches to review athletes’ development and the IPP (1-2 x yearly)
    • Athlete Review Surveys – allowing us to hear the athlete voice and shape the programme (2x per year)
    • Opportunity for the most talented Regional Academy athletes to progress to National Academy trials (nominated by their Regional Academy Coaches)

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