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    June 18, 2017

Sul y Tadau Hapus to the Netball Dads: Mark’s Story.

1.       When did you start coaching?  

I attended the same UKCC Level 1 Course as Jason Hale in January 2015.  I was offered to do the course by Cath Hares, who at the time was the local area sports development officer. I then started coaching in 2015 for Tredegar Senior Netball Club.  I volunteered because I became fed up shouting on the side at the players and umpires and being one of “those parents” without having a clue of what is involved and goes on in the background in running such a club.

2.       What is your connection with netball? 

My connection with netball is that I have 2 daughters. 1 that coaches Mini nets and 1 who is currently playing Senior Netball for Tredegar.

3.       Why do you Coach? What do you get out of it?
I coach to help Tredegar Netball thrive as a fabulous club for Girls to come and play sport to a good level in a team environment. It gives me great pleasure to see all the girls improving and developing each season.

4.       Do you know any other male coaches?  
Only Jason Hale we did our training at the same time in Cardiff.  

5.       How do you feel about being in the small minority of male coaches in Wales?
It was strange in the beginning but I have adjusted to some of the rules that are so different from Rugby and football that I was used to , but I think other clubs and coaches tolerate my loudness and enthusiasm from the side I don’t seem to have to many rows and looks from other teams .

6.       Would you encourage more men to get involved?
I would encourage any father to get involved in Netball weather its coaching or just simply helping your daughter with her passing and catching skills. Just get involved and they will definitely be surprised how fantastic a game it is.

7.       Is netball just for women and girls?  
No netball can be played by men and I have played quite a few games in the mixed leagues during the Summer months.

8.       Are you supported by anyone in particular?
Myself and Jason support each other.

9.       What kind of Coach do you aspire to be?  
I would like to be the best I can and hope I can push  just 1 girl to the top of the sport and have a girl from Tredegar to represent her country at any level and put Tredegar on the netball map.

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