Training Centres


The new Performance Training Centres (PTC) and Development Training Centres (DTC) provide our young, talented netball players a values based learning environment where they can develop the necessary skills to progress within Wales Netball’s Performance Pathway.

The PTC’s and DTC’s also provide development opportunities for our coaches, managers and umpires within Wales Netball’s Performance Pathway.

There are currently 8 Performance Training Centres and Development Training Centre’s in locations throughout Wales. These include; Cardiff & The Vale, South East, Powys, North East, North West, West Wales, Glamorgan Valleys and Afan Nedd Tawe.

The PTC’s will include the top 25 players in the region (ages 16-20) and the DTC’s includes the top 25 younger players (ages 13-16).

Players attend trials based on the region their club or school is affiliated to. Schools and clubs then send nominations for players that are individually affiliated to Wales Netball. If players are not currently affiliated, this is a great opportunity to find your nearest club and become affiliated. Find your nearest club HERE.

The Wales Netball Performance Team supports the PTC/DTC’s with resources and coach education. This includes programme overview, content, including psychology, nutrition, technical and tactical aspects.

As of August 2016, the Under 21 programme has been enhanced, offering support and development to our players. The programme will consist of two groups:

• Wales Under 21 Long Squad
• Under 21 Talent Squad

Both Under 21 groups are selected from within the Performance Training Centres, as well as our talent identification programmes. There is fluidity between PTC, U21 Talent Squad, and the Wales Under 21 Long Squad. This allows Wales’s Performance Coaching Team the ability to nurture and develop this elite group of players, thus ensuring that Wales continues to produce the best and most talented players possible.

Performance Pathway 2015-2020