Netball for All

Wales Netball is committed to promoting equality and inclusivity for everybody involved with the game in Wales.

Here you can find information relating to equality, mental health and inclusivity. 



Wales Netball is committed to protecting and promoting equality across netball in Wales and within its own business.

More information on Wales Netball’s equality policy can be found here.

Mental wellbeing is a broad term, and it can be hard to define when it is having a negative impact upon the quality of your life. Therefore, you may well find it a difficult and daunting experience to accept when you need to seek treatment for a mental health disorder.

As a National Governing Body, Wales Netball views the wellbeing of all affiliated netball players seriously. We have provided links below to assist you should you like to seek professional help and support for any Mental Health problems you may be experiencing.

Wales Netball is also a signatory to the Mental Health in Sport Charter. You can find out more about the charter here. 


We have partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to create a mental health awareness guide. This guide will equip you as a member of the Wales Netball community to continue in supporting your mental health, spot the signs of mental ill health, know ow to talk to others and signpost you or others to specialist help. Click the below poster to see our guide!



Useful links and resources:

Wales Netball is currently holds a Disability Sport Wales’ inSport ribbon. The InSport standards demonstrate a commitment to deliver sports provision inclusively of disabled people. 

 The ribbon demonstrates that an organisation is monitoring for equal opportunities, that it has appropriate welfare and equality policies and that it is inclusive and equitable in its communications. It also requires a statement of inclusion which should articulate the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity.

More information on the InSport standards can be found here.