Fun, fitness, and education; the three main drives for Pontypridd based Top Tots Netball may seem simple, but they form the heart of this successful netball session.

One of the earliest class members is Iestyn, the son of Head Coach and proud mother, Laura Rees.  Other than getting to hang out with his mum he’s made a lot of friends and has learnt a great deal from his netball classes.

Iestyn is a wonderful example of the positive impact sport can have on the lives of children. He was born prematurely and struggled physically in his early years. But through his own strength, the support of his family and getting involved in netball he is now running, playing and socialising with his new friends at Top Tots.

The skills that children learn through playing sport transfer naturally into the outside world. Learning new skills help build confidence, being involved in team activities enhances a child’s communication and social skills and their co-ordination, agility and overall fitness is improved. These are, as Julie Rees and grandmother says, ‘the all-important parts of what we learn through sport, that you actually take out…into everyday life.’ Most importantly, though, the children at Top Tots get to learn these things while having fun.

The club was started in June of 2016 with just a few taster sessions and now they have full classes every week running all morning.  Top Tots story is an inspirational one, showing the difference all grass roots sports, not just netball, can have; helping children grow and become more confident, healthy, and happy people.

A big thank you to Laura and mums like her, who have gone above and beyond for their children, and who have recognised how netball can change their lives. Happy Mother’s Day.