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    October 20, 2016

2016 Netball November Mixed Tournament Highlights

A big DIOLCH to all teams, umpires and bench officials who took part in our third ever mixed tournament to celebrate Netball November.  Nine teams in total joined us at the Sport Wales Centre for an evening of fun, exciting and downright entertaining few hours of netball.  It was an opportunity for the girls to show the boys how to play the beautiful game, and the lads certainly brought their a-game.

All teams were fast, determined, and very competitive.  The ‘non-contact’ rule of the game was certainly pushed to the limits, with a few hilarious theatrical leaps to grab the ball and some epic interceptions from the most unlikely candidates.  Our voluntary umpires were fantastic in managing the enthusiastic players.

But of course, the evening was also an event to raise money for Children in Need.  We are proud to reveal that you helped us raise a total of £252.  What an achievement, and we had fun in the process.

Thank you to the following teams for their contribution to the evening: Rhydyfelin Rockets, Rhydyfelin Raccoons, Treharris Tornados, Slippery Salamanders, Nets Top Models, Chwaraeon Caerdydd, Out of Office, Tits & Bits, and Merthyr Magic.

Congratulations to Chwaraeon Caerdydd – 2016 NN Mixed Tournament Champions.  Impressive team work by all and shooting by Jamilla Abbott and Andy Gardiner.  Each player held their own against their opponents and deservedly won the Cup Final against Welsh Netball’s team Out Of Office.   Andy Gardiner took the trophy for Best Male of the tournament, whilst former Wales player Mel Tuckwell from the Out of Office team showed how she has absolutely not lost her flare by winning Best Female.

1st: Chwaraeon Caerdydd

2nd: Out of Office
3rd: Tits & Bits
4th: Merthyr Magic

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Diolch yn fawr i’r holl dimoedd, dyfarnwyr a’r swyddogion mainc am gymryd rhan yn ein trydydd twrnament cymysg i ddathlu ‘Netball November’.  Ymunodd naw tîm gyda ni yng Nghanolfan Chwaraeon Cymru am noson o gyffro ac adloniant.  Roedd hi’n gyfle i’r merched ddangos i’r dynion sut i chwarae ein gêm, a doedd y dynion ddim yn swil o gwbl.

Roedd pob tîm yn gyflym, yn benderfynol ac yn gystadleuol iawn.  Roedd y rheol ‘cyffwrdd’ yn llac, gydag ambell i naid theatrig i ddal y bêl a rhyng-gipiadau cofiadwy gan unigolion annisgwyl. Gwnaeth ein dyfarnwyr swydd ffantastig yn rheoli’r chwaraewyr.

Ond wrth gwrs, roedd yn noson i godi arian tuag at achos Plant Mewn Angen hefyd.  Balch cael cyhoeddi llwyddom i godi £252 ar y noson.

Diolch yn arbennig i’r timoedd canlynol am eich cyfraniad: Rhydyfelin Rockets, Rhydyfelin Raccoons, Treharris Tornados, Slippery Salamanders, Nets Top Models, Chwaraeon Caerdydd, Out of Office, Tits & Bits, a Merthyr Magic.

Llongyfarchiadau i dîm Chwaraeon Caerdydd – Pencampwyr Twrnament Cymysg Netball November 2016.  Roedd eu sgiliau yn arbennig a’r chwaraewyr yn gweithio’n rhyfeddol fel tîm. Saethu gwych gan Jamilla Abbott ac Andy Gardiner – yn enwedig yn y rownd derfynol yn erbyn tîm staff Pêl Rwyd Cymru – Out of Office.   Cipiodd Andy Gardiner y tlws am y dyn orau, tra gwnaeth cyn-chwaraewr Cymru Mel Tuckwell y tlws dros y menywod.

1af: Chwaraeon Caerdydd
2ail: Out of Office
3ydd: Tits & Bits
4ydd: Merthyr Magic



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