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    June 3, 2016

#volunteersweek – Vicki Randell

When did you first
discover netball?

I started playing at Cwmbran youth in U10 and went through
the age groups to seniors before moving to Risca seniors for premier league

 When did you start

I coached for my PE A Level in school, and restarted again
at Cwmbran Youth netball.  We had 5
children in our 1st season and now have 230 across all ages from netball tots
to U15. 

 Who do you coach at
the moment?

I currently coach Cwmbran junior and Risca seniors.  I was really unfortunate with a serious knee
injury and was forced to stop playing last year, so I took on coaching the
seniors A/B/C/D & E teams. I’ve got a fantastic team of captains and
assistants within the club to help with that many teams. 

 Approximately how
many hours to you coach a week?

I coach the junior netball for 4 hours a week and the senior
side for 3 hours a week, alongside the games of course.  I also coach netball to a number of local
secondary schools as part of my work and County U16. 

 What do you enjoy
most about volunteering?

The biggest enjoyment I have out of it is seeing the
progression and enjoyment from the girls. I’ve been very lucky to have an extremely
talented group of players who are a pleasure on and off the court. To see our
little tots at 2 years old showing their parents how to hold a ball is amazing.  At the other end of the scale, it’s great to
see so many of our older girls’ progress into county and HUB players, and they
also get involved in the coaching themselves.
To give something back is very satisfying.   As a coach my job is made so easy by having
such hard working players and great back room staff. 

 What do you think is
your greatest achievement so far?

It’s really hard to be one! My greatest achievement has to
be winning the international youth festival this year in Disneyland Paris.  It’s also been fantastic to see so many
youngsters progress into our senior teams at such a young age, but full of

 Who has been your
biggest support throughout your netball career?

To be honest, it’s been the parents.  They have always been very supportive of
everything I’ve done at the Club and with the girls, which helps a lot. The
players, too – if they enjoy it then I do! They are always supportive of my
decisions and sessions.  A number of
people have had a big impact on me, from starting out my coaching, especially
other volunteers that help run the junior Club with me. 

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