On Sunday 10 February, Wales Netball hosted the 2019 Under 14 Inter Area Competition in Cardiff where 15 teams went head to head in Pool A and Pool B competitions. 

It was North East Wales A who came out on top in the A competition, ahead of local side Cardiff & Vale A. In Pool B the result was reversed with Cardiff & Vale B beating North East Wales B into second.

Wales Netball Events and Competitions Officer, Tori Burt-Roberts thanked all who made the day possible. She said: “I’d like to thank all the players, coaches, umpires and officials for making it a great day of Inter Area competition. Everyone was really supportive and there was a great atmosphere in House of Sport for the days’ competition.”

Wales Netball would like to thank all teams for their participation and congratulate North East Wales A on their win. Wales Netball’s next National Competition will be the Ann Smart Trophy and President’s Cup in Swansea on 17 March. 

U14 Inter Area Pool A Results 2019      
Position Team Placing  Total Points  Goal Average
1st Place North East Wales A 28  
2nd Place Cardiff and Vale A 26  
3rd Place Afan Nedd Tawe A 20 1.13
4th Place South East  Wales A 20 1.1
5th Place Glamorgan Valleys A 16  
6th Place North West Wales A 13  
7th Place West Wales A 3  


U14 Inter Area Pool B Results 2019
Position Team Placing  Total Points   
1st Place Cardiff and Vale B 33  
2nd Place North East Wales B 32  
3rd Place Glamorgan Valleys B 28  
4th Place South East Wales B 25  
5th Place Afan Nedd Tawe B 21  
6th Place West Wales B 13  
7th Place North Powys B  12  
8th Place North West Wales B 6