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Our Clean Sport Timeline

We are committed to reviewing and delivering on our UKAD approved Clean Sport strategy and ensuring we follow and deliver our Implementation Plan to provide a doping-free sporting environment for all who play our sport across Wales.

Each year we review and report on our progress towards these goals, and provide an annual overview of our work towards these objectives. The annual overview for 2022 and 2021 are on the timeline below.


Dec 2023

Player Handbook and Athlete Agreement updated

Nov 2023

Tramadol and Prohibited List updates from UKAD shared with members

Jul 2023

Information Gathering Testing surveys completed for 2023/24 and 2024/25

May 2023

Clean Sport Week and updates shared via social channels

May 2023

Course education for International and Pathway athletes delivered throughout the year

Apr 2023

Annual submission of Assurance Framework achieved

Dec 2022

Wales National Academy Anti-Doping Session

Dec 2022

Clean Sport Website overview updated

Oct 2022

Prohibited List circulated to athletes, ASP's and members

Sep 2022

Welsh Feathers Anti-Doping Session

Aug 2022

UKAD Assurance Framework completed and achieved

Jun 2022

Welsh Feathers Clean Games Session

May 2022

Social Media engagement for Clean Sport Week

May 2022

Head of Elite Clean Games Workshop

Mar 2022

Welsh Feathers Clean Sport Session

Feb 2022

B2022 UKAD Head of Elite Requirement Meeting

Feb 2022

Performance Pathway education and documents delivered and developed


Volunteer Agreements updated to include UKAD commitments

Jan 2022

Membership Terms and Conditions updated to include UKAD Commitments

Jan 2022

Liaising with UKAD regarding Assurance Framework

Nov 2021

Major games education

Nov 2021

Welsh Feathers Anti-Doping Session - 100%me

Jun 2022

UKAD National TUE sent to National and Pathway Squads


Clean Sport strategy developed


Clean Sport Implementation Plan developed


Liaising with UKAD regarding the Assurance Framework

Looking forward, we continue to work closely with UKAD to ensure our Clean Sport guidance remains up to date.

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