Wales v Scotland netball

155 – Jamilla Abbott nee Harris


Player Info

  • Position(s)

    GS, GA

  • Height

  • Test Caps


  • Debut

    15/02/2002 in FENA '02

  • Time Period:

    2022 - 2012, 2011 - 2001

Player Bio

Jamilla Abbott (nee Harris) is Welsh Feather #155 earned her first cap playing in the 2002 FENA Open in a match against Northern Ireland on 15/02/2002, then playing Scotland and England. After this Jamilla played in an International against Barbados and was selected to represent Wales in the 17th Commonwealth Games hosted by England in 2002 and played against Sri Lanka, England, New Zealand, Jamaica and South Africa. Next was an International against Scotland, then the 2003 FENA Open. Jamilla was then part of the team participating in the 11th World Cup hosted by Jamaica in 2003, here Jamilla played St Vincent, Cayman Islands, Sri Lanka, Antigua, Scotland and St Vincent again. Afterwards Jamilla played in the 2004 FENA Open, then an International against South Africa, then 2005 FENA Open, then an International against Jamaica, then 2006 FENA Open. Up next came the 18th Commonwealth Games hosted by Australia in 2006 where she played Australia, Jamaica and Singapore; next up was the World Cup Qualifiers against Scotland and Northern Ireland, then an International against South Africa. In 2007 Jamilla played in the Netball Europe Open Championships against Scotland, England and Northern Ireland before playing an International against Australia. After a 3 year break, Jamilla was part of the team in the 2010 Nations Cup and played against Namibia, India, Scotland, Singapore and Tanzania. In 2011 there was another Netball Europe Championships and also the 13th World Cup hosted by Singapore where Jamilla played Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Fiji, Botswana and Samoa; then came the 2011 Wales Open with 3 games against Scotland. 2012 was Jamilla’s final year and she played in the Netball Europe Open Championships against Scotland and then 2 games in the Tri-Series against the Cook Islands with her last game on 16/10/2012.

Jamilla Abbott played Goal Shooter, Goal Attack and Goal Keeper.

Countries Played AgainstNo. Times Played
Northern Ireland7
Sri Lanka2
New Zealand2
South Africa3
St Vincent3
Cayman Islands1
Isle of Man1
Trinidad & Tobago1
Cook Islands2
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