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168 – Suzy Drane


Player Info

  • Position(s)

    C, WD, WA

  • Height

  • Test Caps


  • Debut

    23/06/2005 in International vs Jamaica

  • Time Period:

    2022 - 2012, 2011 - 2001

Player Bio

Suzy Drane is Welsh Feather #168 and is currently the most-capped Welsh Feather in history! She earned her first cap playing in an International against Jamaica on 23/06/2005, then going onto play in the 2006 FENA Open against Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. After this Suzy was selected to represent Wales in the 18th Commonwealth Games hosted by Australia in 2006 where she was able to play against Australia, Samoa, Jamaica, Singapore, Barbados and South Africa; next up was 2 World Cup Qualifiers against Scotland and Northern Ireland respectively, then an International against Australia on 11/05/2007. Suzy didn’t stop there and played in the 2009 and 2010 Netball Europe Open Championships against Scotland, England and Northern Ireland before another 2 World Cup Qualifiers against Scotland and Northern Ireland. After this was the 2010 Nations Cup where Suzy was able to play against Namibia, India, Scotland, Singapore and Tanzania. Suzy was then selected for the 2011 Netball Europe Open Championships right before she competed in the 13th World Cup hosted by Singapore in 2011 where she played games against Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Fiji, Botswana and Samoa; finally in 2011 Suzy played 3 games against Scotland in the Wales Open. 2012 began with Suzy playing in the Netball Europe Open Championships before the Tri-Series where she played 2 games against the Cook Islands and 1 against Scotland. Like the previous year 2013 started with a Netball Europe Open Championships, leading into 2014 where she played in the Northern Cup against Scotland twice and Singapore once; after this Suzy played a World Cup Qualifier against the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland, then going onto play in the 20th Commonwealth Games hosted by Glasgow in 2014 getting to play against Australia, England, Trinidad & Tobago, BArbados, South Africa and Northern Ireland, she wasn’t finished in 2014 yet with another International in the England/Malawi Test Series which she played against England 14/12/2014. 2015 starts with another Netball Europe Open Championships that also included Trinidad & Tobago and South Africa, afterwards Suzy played in the 14th World Cup hosted by Australia in 2015 where she played against Fiji, Uganda, South Africa, England, Ausralia and Malawi. 2016 began with a Netball Europe Open Championships before facing South Africa 3 times in the SPAR South Africa Test Series 17/06/2016 – 19/06/2016. For 2017 Suzy played 2 games against New Zealand in the Wales Open, then playing in another Netball Europe Open Championships, after this Suzy finished 2017 by playing Samoa twice in the Wendy White Test Series. A World Cup Qualifer is how Suzy started 2018 playing against Scotland and Northern Ireland before playing in the 21st Commonwealth Games hosted by Australia in 2018 against New Zealand, Scotland, England, Uganda, Malawi and Fiji. 2019 had a Wendy White Test Series where Suzy faced South Africa twice, before a Wales Test Series against Malawi, Trinidad & Tobago and 2 games against Grenada before finishing the year with a Netball Europe Open Championships. Suzy’s first game coming back after the pandemic was in the 2021 Isle of Man Test Series playing 3 games against the Isle of Man. 2022 brought the Wales O’Neills series where Suzy played the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, after this came a Wales International Test Series with 2 games against South Africa before Suzy was part of the team selected for the 22nd Commonwealth Games hosted by England where she played Jamaica, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Barbados and Malawi; Suzy didn’t stop there also playing in the 2022 Wales vs Uganda Test Series with 2 games against Uganda only 10 days before she played in the World Cup Qualifers and was up against the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and her final game earning her 125th cap was played against Scotland on 16/10/2022.

We published a news article in December 2022 to celebrate Suzy’s retirement from Netball which you can read here.

Suzy Drane played Centre, Wing Defence and Wing Attack.

Countries Played AgainstNo. Times Played
Northern Ireland16
South Africa12
Trinidad & Tobago4
New Zealand4
Cook Islands2
Republic of Ireland4
Isle of Man5
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