Club Safeguarding Officer

It is a requirement for all clubs to have a Club Safeguarding Officer and to ensure the contact details of this person are provided on the club account on Sport:80.

Wales Netball takes safeguarding seriously and has developed procedures, policies, and resources for affiliated clubs to adopt, to ultimately help their Club Safeguarding Officers successfully safeguard young people and adults at risk in netball.

The role of Club Safeguarding Officer is a significant role in our clubs, they help to develop a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment for everyone in their club, and although at times this can be challenging, our Club Safeguarding Officers are committed to ensuring the welfare of their members.

Click / Tap here to read our Club Safeguarding Officer Job Description

Member Advice

Do you know who your Club Safeguarding Officer is? Always check with your club at the beginning of the netball season, so you know who to contact should you need to.

It’s important that as a Club Safeguarding Officer your members know who you are; having face to put to a name makes such a difference in your club environment. Being at club training sessions, or match nights, and having regular chats with your members and checking in with them will help you to recognise changes or behaviours and will make you more confident in reporting concerns and knowing how to handle them. It also gives confidence to your members by knowing who you are and how to contact you.

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