On Saturday 30 June, Wales Netball held its Annual General Meeting at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells. Following the AGM, here are the main changes that will be taking effect for the 2018/19 season.

Election of Officers:

Mel Hellerman was elected to the Board of Wales Netball as a non-executive Director with responsibility for community development. Wales Netball welcomes Mel to the Board and looks forward to working with her on community development in the coming season.

Increase in the Number of Appointed Directors:

The Wales Netball Board will now consist of 7 appointed non-executive Directors and 5 elected Directors. As a result, Wales Netball is now recruiting for 5 new appointed non-executive Directors, with specific skills relating to communications and marketing, IT/digital, the law, governance and policy and HR. This is an exciting development for Wales Netball’s governance and will allow the organisation to add new skills and expertise to its Board. More information on the recruitment can be found here.

Changes to Affiliation Fees:

As agreed by the membership at the AGM for the 2018/19 season there will be a slight increase to the fees charged for affiliation. There has been no increase to any membership fees or structure for the last 5 years (2013) and inflation has increased by 11.1% between 2013 and 2018.

In addition, over the last 3 years Wales Netball has absorbed all increases in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) which in rose in 2016 by 0.5% and in 2017 by 2%, taking the rate of IPT to an all-time high of 12%.  Despite delivering over and above on Community and Governance targets, due to the challenging financial climate, Wales Netball has received a cut in exchequer funding from Sport Wales.  None of these increases or cuts have been passed on to the membership. These increases are small and we have made every effort to fairly distribute the increases in affiliation costs.

The small changes to affiliation fees are as follows:

Affiliation Type 2017/18 Fee 2018/19 Fee
Under 11 £5 £6
Junior (12-18yo) £15 £16
Adult £30 £35
Adult (Late Payment) £35 £40
Adult (Monthly) £5 £6
Club £30 £40