England Netball has made the decision not to include the Junior Dragons in the Netball Performance League for 2017. Wales Netball was informed that this decision was made in order to keep the pathway within England.

In light of this decision, Wales Netball has been given the opportunity to review its Performance Pathway and make positive changes within its structure.

The Under 21 programme has been enhanced, offering support and development to their players. The programme will consist of two groups, within which the previous Under 19 NPL group will now come under:

Wales – Under 21 Long Squad

Under 21 – Talent Squad

Both Under 21 groups will continue to be selected from within the Performance Training Centres, as well as our talent identification programmes.  There will be fluidity between PTC, U21 Talent Squad, and the Wales Under 21 Long Squad.   This allows Wales’s Performance Coaching Team the ability to nurture and develop
this elite group of players, thus ensuring that Wales continues to produce the best and most talented players possible.

Head of Elite Performance, Trish Wilcox said, “This decision has presented us with the opportunity to re-visit our Performance Pathway.  As a result, the new Wales Netball Performance Pathway will ensure that there is a clearer link from LA Hubs through to elite senior teams.

“We have already put steps in place to ensure that our Under 19 players continue to get competitive match play,” said Trish Wilcox.

Trish Wilcox added, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches, managers and players who have been involved in the Junior Dragons programme, as well as the support network which surrounded it.”