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Anti-Doping Rule Violations

Breaking the anti-doping rules can result in a ban from all sport. The Code outlines the Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs). Athletes and athlete support personnel need to make sure they are fully aware of these violations, and the consequences of breaking them. For more information and what this means for those individuals, click here.

You can find comprehensive information on the consequences of doping on the UKAD website. All athletes, coaches and athlete support personnel need to make sure they have sufficient anti-doping knowledge to avoid committing an anti-doping rule violation and receiving a ban from sport. For information on individuals serving a ban from sport, visit UKAD’s sanction page on their website.

You can find further information about your rights and responsibilities by visiting the following pages for Athletes or Athlete Support Personnel (ASP)


Consequences of Doping


Athletes Rights & Responsibilities


Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) Rights & Responsibilities

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