Insurance cover plays an important part in playing league level netball and club training.


As part of your Wales Netball organisation membership, insurance is featured as one of the many benefits for: 

  • Affiliated leagues
  • Affiliated clubs
  • Individually affiliated members within your club (Full Adult, Tots, 7-11, 12-18, and Adult monthly (for the duration of the month paid)).
  • Affiliated members such as Coaches/Instructors, Tutors, Umpires, Officials and Bench


To read more about individual insurance cover provided by Wales Netball, click here

Details on opening a Club bank account, and why this is useful, can be found on page 5 of our Governance Pack. This is sent to all Wales Netball affiliated Clubs. If you did not receive your pack, please contact us at walesnetball@walesnetball.com

To read more about our position statement regarding male participation in Netball in Wales, click here


Following World Netball's updated guidance, our male participation guidance is currently under review (November, 2023). 

To read more about our guidelines for pregnant players, click here

To read more about our concussion policies for grassroot and performance netball, click here

To read more about reporting a safeguarding concern and the steps to take, click here

Firstly, to see if your question can be answered using our FAQ Sport:80 page, click here


If you cannot find your answer on the page linked above, you can create a support ticket by clicking the red button on any Sport:80 page. A member of staff will then get back to you as soon as they can. 

To read more about Wales Netball's Performance selection policy, click here.

You can use our Club Finder, located here, and search for clubs in your areas. If the clubs have contact details shown, feel free to reach out to them and ask if they have any coaches that may be able to help.


You may also list a vacancy for community coaches here.  


As an alternative, we suggest you reach out to your Local Authority Sport Development Team. They may have coaches themselves, or be able to assist you in finding local delivers. 


We have detailed our recommended supervision ratios here, however, no matter the recommended ratio of adults to participants, a minimum of 2 adults should be present.

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