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    March 5, 2024

2024 Rules of Netball Update

At the beginning of this year, World Netball announced significant updates to its rules and regulations, and we are here to provide you with a detailed breakdown of these changes. These changes have been made with the aim of improving player safety and speeding up the game.

Key Updates

Some of the key updates include changes to the Contact and Game Management Rules. Scoring a goal has been revised to ensure that if a shot is being taken, and the ball is in flight, and the whistle is blown to end the period of play, the goal will still stand if successful.

The Tactical Change is another significant update that will now allow players to switch positions with another on court and eliminate the need for a player to feign injury to be substituted.

The Toss Up has been removed, and in cases where simultaneous infringements occur, the team with the ball will retain possession, or if the ball is loose, the team who last had possession will retain it.

Changes To Speed Up the Game

To speed up the game, players may now go offside to collect the ball.

Players are no longer required to wait for other players to be on court for a throw-in.

Plus, players from both teams can reposition in the court surround to gain a better position.

Other Notable Changes

Other notable changes include players who have dry blood on their uniform but are not bleeding are no longer required to be substituted.

Any on-court player can now request that any centre pass can be checked for validity.

The rules of playing the ball, advantage, short pass, and throw-in have been simplified and tidied.

Things to Look Out For

Umpires’ language has also been revised. Instead of saying ‘Advantage Goal’ on infringements that occur just before a goal, the umpire will say ‘Advantage’, the sanction, and the player position infringing.

If the umpires blow the whistle to penalise opposing teams for infringements, the infringement with the more significant sanction or action will stand. The order of priority is foul play, major infringement, minor infringements or an infringement resulting in an action being taken.


The domestic implementation of the World Netball new rules will begin on 1st September 2024. For more detailed information, you can click on the links provided below to view the 2024 Rules of Netball, the World Netball Summary of Changes Document, the 2023 World Netball Technical Officials Manual, and the Facts Sheet. have been simplified and tidied

Click here to view the 2024 Rules of Netball

Click here to view the World Netball Summary of Changes Document

Click here to view the 2023 World Netball Technical Officials Manual

Click here view the Facts Sheet

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