Nia Jones

194 – Nia Jones


Player Info

  • Position(s)

    WD, GD

  • Height

    5ft 7

  • Test Caps


  • Debut

    02/06/2013 in NE '13

  • Time Period:

    Present, 2022 - 2012

Player Bio

Nia gained her first cap in 2013 in the Netball Europe competition and has been a netball powerhouse for years!  First starting at 11 years old playing for Mold Netball Club, then Manchester Thunder Youth and Junior Dragons, before returning to Cardiff in 2010 to study at Cardiff Met where she and the team won BUCS.  Nia’s had a long Netball Super League career as well, playing for Cardiff Dragons (previously known as Celtic Dragons), Stars and Leeds Rhinos. 

Nia’s career highlights include being a silver medallist for multiple U17, U19, U21 competitions, finishing 6th at the World Youth Cup, being European gold medallists in 2013, playing in multiple Commonwealth Games!  Nia also captained Celtic Dragons in 2022 and is still the current captain of Welsh Feathers.

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