Georgia Rowe

201 – Georgia Rowe


Player Info

  • Position(s)

    GS, GA

  • Height

    6ft 5

  • Test Caps


  • Debut

    19/06/2015 in NE '15

  • Time Period:

    Present, 2022 - 2012

Player Bio

Georgia is currently the tallest member of the Welsh Feathers, standing at 6ft 5 and putting her height to good use as GS.  Georgia received her first cap in 2015 at Netball Europe and since then has been a constant in the Feathers squad, playing in the 2018 Goldcoast Commonwealth Games as well as the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.  She’s also a known figure in the Netball Super League, starting her career there in Celtic Dragons (now known as Cardiff Dragons), moving to Team Northumbria, then Severn Stars for three years before making her way back to the Celtic Dragons. 

Georgia’s career highlights include being player of the NPTC series in 2019.

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