Zoe Matthewman

215 – Zoe Matthewman


Player Info

  • Position(s)

    GS, GA

  • Height


  • Test Caps


  • Debut

    12/11/2021 in Isle of Man Test Series

  • Time Period:

    Present, 2022 - 2012

Player Bio

Zoe Matthewman is Welsh Feather #215

Zoe achieved her first cap in 2021 in the Isle of Man test series, but has been playing netball for much longer than that.  She played for Mavericks U19s, Loughborough Lightnings U19 and U21 squads, as well as playing for Cardiff Dragons (previously known a Celtic Dragons).

Zoe’s career highlights include winning an Outstanding Contribution to Performance Netball at Nottingham Trent University, and getting her first cap.

Countries Played AgainstNo. Times Played
Isle of Man4
Republic of Ireland1
Sri Lanka1
New Zealand1
Trinidad & Tobago1
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