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Seated Netball

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Introduction to Seated Netball

Seated Netball is a product developed by Wales Netball and Hazel Davies. It aims to introduce a fun and inclusive Netball session for all.


The concept was first introduced by Hazel Davies, to combine her love of netball and work within care homes. 


After exploring the benefits of Seated Netball within these care homes, such as physical, mental and individual development, it can now be introduced to individuals in any environment.


Activities within the Seated Netball packs can be used in a multitude of ways, for example:

  • a wet weather session for primary schools
  • a secondary school session for those not participating in sport
  • a session in care homes to increase movement


Seated Netball is inclusive and open to all ages and abilities! You can adapt all of the netball skills used to suit any ability (such as different catch variations for those with weaknesses in certain muscular areas). 


Head of Participation at Wales Netball, Keira Edwards comments:

"Seated Netball is a brilliant programme and is super versatile. We've already used it across lots of different scenarios - from promoting physical activity in the elderly to getting professionals moving at conferences - and irrespective of the situation, it creates laughter and smiles. What more could we ask for?!"


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