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Walking Netball

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Introduction to Walking Netball

Walking Netball is Netball, but at a walking pace.


Walking Netball is suitable for individuals of any age, shape, and size. It is also applicable for those who have stopped playing the game, to engage in a new walking form of the sport which can be extremely fulfilling and good for wellbeing. 


All sessions should begin with warm up activities and end time allocated for cool down. There are also 10 Walking Netball 'mini-games' that can be used within sessions to work on skills and teamwork. 


The full game of Walking Netball has some rule changes to allow for a more accessible version of the sport, including:

  • You can take an extra step when you catch the ball.
  • You can hold the ball for 4 seconds before you pass.
  • You must be 3ft (0.9 metres) away from the person with the ball.
  • One foot must always be on the floor, so no running or jumping!


Walking Netball is a great alternative Netball and can promote socialisation, physical benefits, and good mental health and wellbeing. 


Your Walking Netball Activator should be aware of any ailments or injuries of players at all times. 

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